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A Soul's Walk

Writing feels like disrobing
And being naked in front of strangers
Well that can be weird
They are seeing parts of you you don’t even show yourself
And although they don’t usually know what they mean
or what they are seeing…
it is you.

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On a car. He has a thing about old cars.  So when a great weariness descends upon him…

.. he looks for a car with a nice flat boot (trunk) to lie upon. 

The tire was nicely placed to rest his wee headie and serve as a wind break.

I am training the pigs to come when they are called (eventually, with supervision and an electric fence, they will be allowed out into a field) so I closed some gates and let them out into the barn, repeatedly calling them back to their own pen for a treat. So they could practice coming back IN. They came every time. Though evidently an onion is not a treat!  They ran round and round like the hellions they are and every now and then would throw themselves into the straw for a roll about.  Then as though by secret command, they would…

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Hi F&F,

I’m a native New Yorker; and New Yorkers are used to looking down.  We often live and work in skyscrapers.  Many of us work or play downtown. We travel via the many bridges leading to the island of Manhattan; affording us a bird’s eye view of the iconic skyline. We walk a lot; and those of us who have a thing for lovely footwear know – the mean streets of NYC can be mean to our lovely shoes-so we spend a lot of time looking down and watching our step. Also, while, yellow taxis are a popular mode of transportation in NYC, you can’t call yourself the real deal until you’ve climbed down into the subway system and traversed the city in the belly of the beast.  You have to master the metal dragon if you want to earn street credibility. Additionally, and ashamedly, native New…

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As you have seen, these tips seem obvious upon hearing them, but you would be surprised at how many people have never thought of them. Perhaps you were one of those people, but now you are equipped with the advice in this article to make an informative choice on a policy that meets your needs.

Personal development encompasses activities that are designed to improve awareness and identity and develop talents and potential. Personal development training is meant to, in addition to improving who you are as a total person and increase your enjoyment and happiness with life. This article contains several useful tips about personal development.

A good first step for someone seeking to help themselves is to go to the self help section of a book store. There you can find a plethora of different books on different self help topics and find the one that suits your particular situation the best. This allows you to get exactly the help you need. Understanding anger is important when working on personal development. If one feels anger it is usually a sign that one is perceiving an injustice within one’s life or even in the outside world. It’s good to identify exactly what injustice is bothering you. Many personal injustices can be corrected by improving your behavior or thinking. Your self confidence during personal development periods will benefit from a harmonious relationship to your core self. If you’re in tune with your mind, body, and soul, you’ll find it easier to defend yourself against challenges to your core beliefs and values. This helps you strengthen the impact of your beliefs, and your confidence in them.

A great way to improve one’s self confidence is to prescribe to an exercise routine. The positive energy from working out and the rewarding feeling of going to a gym can help one’s self esteem tremendously. Sometimes all it takes to feel better is an improved sense of self worth. Surround yourself with positive people. If you are around people who have upbeat personalities, you can learn from them the types of affirmative messages that keep them happy. It is important to realize that you can be happy if you choose to lead a life filled with encouraging and happy people around you. Be careful if you are consuming too much alcohol. You may think that it is helping you unwind but it really does not help with anxiety and stress. In many cases, drinking any kind of alcohol, will increase the feelings of anxiety and depression and should be avoided when those negative feelings are present.

As was stated in the opening of this article, personal development is all about improving awareness and identity as a way to reach your full potential as a completely developed, well-rounded person. By applying the great advice in this article you will be well on the way to reaching your dreams and becoming the person you want to be.